Open Letter To The SMW Community

I play and make Super Mario World Romhacks. It's an enjoyable hobby. However, I've enjoyed it less in recent years due to having to remember incidents from years ago that still affect me and the community's thoughts on me.
I would like to say that I am beyond sorry for my actions. I deeply repent ever doing them.
Prior to 2019, I was not exactly the best mannered that I've been, which ended up with incidents that culminated in me being permanently banned from SMW Central, and a multitude of SMW-related communities and streamers. These include GlitchCat7, Juzcook, BarbarousKing, and Romhack Races. What took place was wrong then, and is still wrong today. However, we are all human, and we all make mistakes. Mistakes should be learned from. Grudges should not stay forever. Starting in 2019, I decided to change myself for the better.
I've attempted to build myself back up since joining SNESLab, and it has been successful, with an enjoyable and friendly community. A select few streamers are aware that I was previously not well behaved, but do realize that people can change, and have thus given me the chance to stay and enjoy myself.
However, the communities I mentioned that have banned me have not backed down on their decisions to ostracize me from them, despite over a year of reform, and multiple years passing since the incidents.
Attempts to contact or reason have gone either unanswered or met with blank refusals, with me being told that I am simply not welcome as their final decisions.
Having to be constantly reminded of the immense hatred of me inside much of the SMW community has been very difficult, with it nearly always bringing me to very low levels.
It's why I ask all of you who have kicked me out, to please give me another chance. I don't want to give up hope on the hobby that I enjoy.
Being able to chat, play, share, help, and just generally enjoy ourselves without any drama, is a great thing in my book.


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