My Super Mario World Hax

Don't ask when they will be put on SMWC, because they won't be.

Multi-Exit Hacks

Super NEET World - 2017-2018 - 11 Exits

My first Kaizo: Light hack, which wasn't really tested without savestates, so ended up with some stupidly difficult and inconsistent moments. I have not beaten this RTA, and Katun24 put it in the "Kaizo (shadow)" category on his spreadsheet due to how fucked it can get.

Kaizo Kaizo Mario Club! - 2018 - 9 Exits

A second attempt at making a Kaizo: Light hack, but suffered the same problem as the previous hack, although not as severe. I have not beaten this RTA.
Beaten by: Katun24, zLukaasPvPz

A Difficult Hack - 2018 - 6 Exits

A Kaizo: Hard hack that's impossible RTA. Features quite a lot of glitch abuse.

Nambona's Revenge - 2018-2020 - 10 Exits

You've been waiting for over 2 years, it's finally out after a 1.5 year hiatus on development. A very chocolate Kaizo: Light hack.
Beaten by: Katun24, zLukaasPvPz

Nambona's Kaizo Pack 1 - 2020 - 4 Exits

A compilation of Sheffy Lite, Nicverbadidad, The P Is Here, and Worldpeace's Treehouse. Uses SA-1 (sorry Everdrive users).

Canuck's Nightmare - 2021-2022 - 17 Exits

As my final contribution to Super Mario World, this is my Kaizo: Light magnum opus dedicated to CaptainCanuck87. Uses SA-1 (sorry Everdrive users).
Beaten by: Katun24

Single-Exit Hacks

Aeropokeys - 2019

A Kaizo: Light level made for Arisendead's Oofathon. Uses SA-1 (sorry Everdrive users).
Beaten by: Arisendead, Katun24

Sheffy Lite - 2019-2020

A Kaizo: Light level featuring the shell physics from Sheffy World 2. At the time I thought it was my hardest ever Kaizo: Light level, taking me 23 and a half hours to beat it. At the time I wasn't as Kaizo experienced as I am today so it's probably around the difficulty of a Canuck's Nightmare level. Watch the clear video here.
Beaten by: DKR_02, JokerStreamOk, abwärts, zLukaasPvPz, Banshell, Katun24

Nicverbadidad - 2019

A Kaizo: Light level. This one doesn't let you walk.
Beaten by: Wahnthac, Katun24

The P Is Here - 2020

A Kaizo: Light level. Features Sheffy 2 physics again, and is focused around P-Switch jumps, though they've been modified to have much more leniency. If you don't like that, download the Arisendead Edition, which removes the modified physics. Uses SA-1 (sorry Everdrive users).
Beaten by: Katun24

Worldpeace's Treehouse - 2020

A Kaizo: Light level. This is a level that's a tribute to Cool or Cruel Stage 11 (Gnarly), and implements similar mechanics to that level. This is also a followup of sorts to MiniMawile303's race level called "Worldpeace's Garden", which was a tribute to Cool or Cruel Stage 12 (Tubular).
Beaten by: Katun24

Dumps and Runts and Shoutouts - 2021

Our boy Dode goes through a Kaizo: Light course inspired by Invictus, Storks, and some shitty game my friend made 13 years ago.
Beaten by: Katun24

Thumb of Thumbs - 2020-2021

An EXTREMELY difficult Thumbshredder level featuring Sheffy 2 physics. At the time of release, I hadn't been able to beat it myself. For a year and a half, JokerStreamOk was the only known person to have beaten it RTA, though he also beat Sorrow and Misery RTA. I did finally manage to beat it after I got bored on the 1st of November 2022.
Beaten by: JokerStreamOk, Katun24

My entry for Katun24's Motor Skills Level Design Contest - 2022

A level made for Katun24's Motor Skills Level Design Contest held in early February of 2022. I got the 3rd place for "coolest individual setups" and 2nd place for "most 'fun' (engaging execution; good progression curve; satisfying to beat)". Clear video.
Beaten by: Katun24

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