Here, you get to listen to all the amazing tunes that are randomized on the homepage.


BS (A. Whiteman) - Admit That You're Gay
Chocobo Racing - Cid's Test Course
PJ & Parappa ~ I Scream! - Chop Chop
Delly III- Columbo
Azumanga Daioh - Nani Ga Desuka
Hip to be Square MIDI
Electric Six - Gay Bar Instrumental
Nichijou Character Songs - Hakase no Suki Nano Nano
Linkrulezall Talks About Hippies
Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize
Nichijou Character Songs - Nano no Neji Mawashi Rhapsody
SiIvaGunner - Nano no Neji Mawashi Rhapsody
Loituma - Ievan Polkka
The Michael Rosen Driving Test
Nichijou Character Songs - Sakamoto-san no Nyaa to Iu to Demo Omotta ka
The Nutshack Theme MIDI
PJ & Parappa ~ I Scream! - Life is Like a Sky
Wo Ai Beijing Tiananmen
SiIvaGunner - Beloved Tomboyish Girl (Instrumental Mix)
You're Gay (Bad Day parody)
Azumanga Daioh - Nandaka
McMaNGOS - knutscan
Woody's Got Wood
Typical Skype Call
TISM - I Might Be A Cunt, But I'm Not A Fucking Cunt
Trumpet Lore
Broken Toothbrush March
Doomguy 2000 - Doomguy HD
Parappa the Rapper - All Master's RAP
Who Killed The Internet? - Wiggers (quality mix)
Angry Video Game Nerd Theme (SMW Custom Music)
Blink182 - I Wanna Fuck A Dog In The Ass
Solteatern - Sång till Stina
8 year old me
Ryan Bane - Christmas
Katawa Shoujo - Parity
Perfect Selection Dracula Battle II - Theme of Simon
Nichijou - Kigen no Yoi Hakase
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Kuusou Rumba
SPIGOTTAN - ytp pedofiles
CyberMelon - Big Ass Chocobo
Old School Runescape - Sea Shanty 2
Nightwish - Planet Hell
F.I.R.E. 128K Spectrum - Title Screen
dubmood - a message to you
Old School Runescape - Massacre
radix - fire&ice
Usada Pekora BGM
Lui - Hydrothermal Hollow
Grand Poo World 2 - Soy Sauce for Bowser
Battletoads & Double Dragon - Robo Manus
S.N.N. - Dirgefall 2.0
Akai Haato - Red Heart
Nekomata Okayu - Mogu Mogu Yummy
Yomi Ch. - Watame Factory Remix
Passion Pit - The Reeling (Casio Mario World version)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer (Casio Mario World version)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Child Soldier (Casio Mario World version)
The Field - Everyday (Casio Mario World version)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Power Of Persuasion (Casio Mario World version)
The Field - Over The Ice (Casio Mario World version)
Hiatus Kaiyote - By Fire (Casio Mario World version)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Love In The Time Of Lexapro (Casio Mario World version)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Freaky Eyes (Casio Mario World version)
Casio Mario World - Casio Hellburst
Casio Mario World - Omega Hellburst
Terra Diver - Ota City Sky (SMW Custom Music)
Fortress 2 Blue - Culture Shock (SMW Custom Music)
Yoshi's Island - Bowser (Invictus version)
StarCraft - Terran Theme 1
StarCraft - Terran Theme 2
StarCraft - Terran Theme 3
StarCraft - Terran Theme 4
Yakuza 0 - 24 Hour Cinderella
Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Receive and Turn You
Nemesis/iCE, REM - Fallen Angels
Shin Megami Tensei II - Battle (Metal Arrangement)
Tales of Phantasia - Final Act
Algar - Five
Mother 3 - F-F-Fire!
Mother 3 - Porky's Porkies
Command and Conquer Red Alert - Hell March
BEAST IN BLACK - Die By The Blade
Korpiklaani - Ievan Polkka
Final Fantasy V - Battle with Gilgamesh
Twinbee Yahho! - Twin Flight
Undertale - Death By Glamour
Ookami Mio - 今日は音ゲーやってくよ
Cyber Block Metal Orange EX - Stage 1
VVVVVV - Potential for Anything
恒河沙 - Ayaya! Ayaya! Intensifies
MercuryPenny - Final Dungeon
Like a Dragon Ishin! - Receive You The Archetype
The Nice Memes - Ready To Laugh
4 Strength 4 Stam Leather Belt: The Song
Metroid Prime - Phendrana Drifts Depths
Battle Garegga - Subversive Awareness
SQUARE ENIX MUSIC SAMPLER CD - The Man with the Machine Gun
Dragonball Z - Solid State Scouter

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